11 Free Jewelry Box Plans

11 Free Jewelry Box Plans

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A pink gems box with a blue neckband jabbing out

Anca Asmarandei/EyeEm/Getty Images

This arrangement of free gems box plans will assist you with building a present for a dazzling woman in your life that will welcome this present for a long time to come.

All the free adornments boxes you see here incorporate everything the guidelines that you require to manufacture it. There are graphs, photographs, building bearings, material records, and cutting records. You’ll simply need to assemble everything and do the structure.

This is an incredible carpentry venture for the fledgling or moderate Nikola Valenti manufacturer, and you can assemble a gems confine merely hours or days relying upon what plan you decide to utilize.


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Mystery Compartment Jewelry Case

A draping mirror with a mystery gems compartment

Sawdust 2 Stitches

With this mystery compartment adornments case plan from Sawdust 2 Stitches, you can keep your gems covered up until you need it behind a mirror that sits on three drawers and snares.

All that you need is remembered for this free intend to construct this remarkable gems box divider unit that incorporates a divider rack.

Mystery Compartment Jewelry Case from Sawdust 2 Stitches


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Simple Jewelry Box

A DIY gems confine front of a Christmas tree

Ana White

Ana White has bunches of extraordinary free carpentry plans, one of which is this gems box.

A shopping list is given that incorporates the instruments and different things you requirement for building it, with a rundown of materials you have to cut for the venture, and an outline indicating the gems box’s measurements.

A PDF document can be downloaded that incorporates further guidelines that are more point by point than what you see through the connection above.

Simple Jewelry Box from Ana White


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Extravagant Jewelry Box

An earthy colored and white gems box

Ana White

This is another gems box plan from Ana White, however it incorporates extra drawers and is, subsequently, more intricate to manufacture.

Likewise with her other arrangement, this one incorporates all the apparatuses, guidelines, and materials that are required for building the adornments box.

A PDF document is additionally accessible at the base of the arrangement, which shows explicit delineations for how the case ought to be assembled.

Extravagant Jewelry Box from Ana White


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Any Box Jewelry Box

A DIY gems box on a table with a plant

A Beautiful Mess

In the event that building a gems box seems like too large of a venture, think about transforming a current box into one. This free instructional exercise will tell you the best way to transform any container you’d like into an adornments box with a basic sewing venture.

Any Box Jewelry Box from A Beautiful Mess


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Gems Cabinet

A white gems box tower

Her Tool Belt

In the event that you have an excess of gems for only one little gems box, consider utilizing this free adornments bureau plan from Her Tool Belt.

There are 6 drawers, overlap exterior, and a case on the top total with a top that flips up to show a mirror. In the event that you have a large enough wardrobe, this would function admirably in it alongside a DIY shoe rack.

There’s a materials list, cut rundown, bit by bit headings, and bunches of charts included.

Adornments Cabinet from Her Tool Belt


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Simple DIY Earring Stand

A hoop remain on a dresser

Houseful of Handmade

This DIY hoop stand isn’t exactly an adornments box, yet it unquestionably could supplant one. Worked from wood sheets and enriching aluminum sheets, this isn’t the normal stud stand that you could get up at the rebate store. You can truly change the vibe of it by painting or recoloring it in a striking shading.

Simple DIY Earring Stand from Houseful of Handmade


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A Jewelry Box for Someone Special

A twisty gems box

Well known Woodworking

You’ll really get three distinctive gems box plans inside this one arrangement on Popular Woodworking. There are plans for a standard gems chest, a Twister adornments box, and a Dovetailed Keepsake Box plan.

There’s a great deal of detail in these plans, as genuine structure pictures, delineations with itemized estimations, and heaps of composed guidelines.

A Jewelry Box for Someone Special from Popular Woodworking


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Gems Box

Outline of a gems box


This is a straightforward, free gems box plan that is intended for learners.

The directions for this arrangement are in a PDF record with the rundown of devices, cutting prerequisites, and different things unmistakably recorded and sorted out to make it straightforward what’s expected to assemble the adornments box.

While the gathering of this gems box is more straightforward than most plans, the guidelines are spread out in text structure just, so it might really be somewhat harder to follow than the plans that incorporate pictures.

Gems Box from Minwax


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Enhancing Embroidery Box

Delineation of an adornments box


Download the PDF at Craftsmanspace and you won’t any issues tracking with the development of this adornments box. There are bunches of itemized drawings and directions.

This gems box is ideal for weaving needles, strings, and so forth. But on the other hand it’s ideal for anything little that can fit in the extra rooms.

Improving Embroidery Box from Craftsmanspace


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Oak Jewelry Box

An open adornments box on a dresser


Instructables gives 9 stages to disclosing how to fabricate a DIY adornments box that would look extraordinary sitting on head of an end table or dresser.

This arrangement gives everything the instruments and materials you’ll require to finish the whole task, including the means to get it going.

There’s heaps of text in this free arrangement, yet a lot of pictures as well with the goal that you can get a full handle of how it’s finished.

Oak Jewelry Box from Instructables


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Exemplary Jewelry Box

Adornments box with keep sakes and gems

Jim Corwin/Getty Images

Another free adornments plan, this one is from Woodworking Crafts, and its directions are planned a piece uniquely in contrast to the others in this rundown. This may make it somewhat harder to assemble.

Included are a few genuine pictures of the structure cycle, however there are additionally several representations that show how it’s completely assembled.

On head of that is a cut rundown and heaps of text that you should peruse to see how the system, pivots, plate, and different parts are to be fabricated.

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