A Guide To The Legal Professions In Spain

With regards to utilizing lawful experts in Spain, you need to ensure that you are reaching the ideal individual for the correct activity. Beneath we have furnished you with an accommodating manual for the diverse lawful callings here in Spain, how they are alluded to in Spanish and their UK equal.

Understanding the Different Spanish Legal Professions Abogado in Spagna


Abogado is the Spanish word for legal advisor. Be that as it may, in the UK the term abogado is the equal to a specialist or counselor. So also, in the United States, an Abogado is normally alluded to as a lawyer.

Your abogado ought to be an individual from the law society in Spain which is the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados. It is this general public which sets the base charge level, which empowers you to approach your attorney for a charge gauge before teaching them.

While the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados works at the commonplace level, there is a national affiliation speaking to the calling, which is the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española.

An abogado can be utilized for;

Property law and questions

Guardianship cases

Wills and legacy charge

Marriage and separation


An Asesor is a Spanish expression for a counsel. Asesores can help with a scope of lawful and duty concerns and may utilize an abogado as a major aspect of their group. Asesores can assist with covering an issue exhaustively, offering exhortation with legitimate consistence just as assisting with assessment and property administrations.

Commonly, an asesor offers bookkeeping consultancy. Their specialism will for the most part identify with assessments to the Spanish Tax Office, the Hacienda.

An asesor can be utilized for;


Expense counsel

Budgetary issues

Monetary portrayal


A Gestor doesn’t have an English identical, however commonly interprets as a managerial advisor. A gestor can be a middle person among you and the official bodies in Spain, for example, government divisions. Gestors are especially helpful as they have an inside and out comprehension of strategies and can finish long administrative work that is incredibly muddled for the individuals who don’t have an information on the framework.

A gestor can help with numerous things, for example, acquiring licenses to avoiding bureaucratic mistakes that can back a procedure off.

A gestor can help with;

Lawful and charge support for property deals

Wills identifying with Spanish property

Getting Spanish tags, bringing in vehicles and changing vehicle proprietorship

Spanish driving licenses

Nearby and national assessments

Taking care of monetary interests for your benefit

Making sure about residency

Masterminding licenses, for example, a structure grant


An Economista is a budgetary master in Spain who can help you with all parts of your accounts. From intending to seeing best strategy and practice. For organizations in Spain and independently employed people, an economista can assist with improving monetary exercises.

An economista can help with;

Planning for the independently employed

Monetary guidance for organizations

Money related arranging

Monetary approaches


As in the UK and different nations, a legal official can furnish you with the affirmation to guarantee that lawful exchanges are completed accurately. Notarios or legal officials will check Spanish records with a stamp and mark to ensure that significant exchanges are legitimately consistent. A Notaria doesn’t supplant a specialist or abogado. Rather, they work close by all gatherings to draft records, affirm understandings and offer counsel to ensure exchanges are completed accurately.

A notaria can give counsel to and affirm wills, property contracts, landowner tenant agreements, credits and home loans. A legal official can likewise save minutes for networks or land owners. Just as this, they can enroll organization contracts. The expense for a legal official is normally fixed and straightforward.

A notaria will ordinarily peruse an understanding or agreement in Spanish so if your Spanish isn’t familiar; it is imperative to have an English-talking legal advisor or interpreter with you before you sign any archives. Actually, numerous legal officials will demand an English-talking legal advisor being available.

A notaria will help with;

Drafting records

Exchange guidance

Ensuring understandings

Exhorting strategies and conventions


An Inmobiliaria is a domain specialist. In Spain, most properties are put available with the utilization of an Inmobiliaria. In any case, home operators are not directed by law, so it is basic to watch that the Inmobiliaria is enrolled with some type of expert affiliation. Enlistment is as a rule with Expertos Inmobiliarios or Agente de Propiedad Inmobiliaria, and you can check their enrollment number with the affiliation.

Numerous land owners will train different domain operators to put their property available. It might merit checking distinctive bequest operators on the off chance that they offer lower costs or better arrangements. In the event that you do choose to buy a property, your educated specialist will have the option to watch that the domain operator is appropriately approved.

At whatever point you are hoping to teach a lawful expert here in Spain, ensure that you do due dilligence and ensure they are completely controlled.

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