SooperBeads Water Beads 2 Oz Rainbow Mix 5000 Non-Toxic Water Growing Sensory Beads Toy for Kids Fine Motor Skills Development, Tactile Play, Spa Refill, DIY Stress Ball, Home Décor

Item Overview

Sooper Beads drifting water dabs are the ideal commendation to any structure highlight in your home or gathering. Regardless of whether you are tossing a Water Beads  wedding practice supper or gathering, or watering plants in your home our reasonable water dots give an appealing arrangement.

You will get 20000 water gel pearls in the bundle, which once completely hydrated, is sufficient to make roughly 12 gallons of lovely clear marble like globules. This will give you a lot of wedding dots for highlights or clear marbles for blossoms.

HOW IT WORKS: Our water dabs are produced using a sheltered and tried polymer that extends when absorbed water. It is similar polymers that are utilized in child diapers, so you know it’s protected! The dots arrive in a type of little gums, and you basically douse the globules for at any rate 8 hours in water. They grow like enchantment, into marble measured clear glass pearls. They are soft and wet to the touch, however won’t leave a wreck and are non-harmful for children to play with and visitors to contact.

Wide Usage: Good for mitigating spa, focal points, jar filler, skim candles, any botanical plan, weddings, shower parties; As well as fill in for water in your containers, kids tangible play, science try, DIY Arts Project, and so forth

100% Money-Back Guarantee: We realize you will LOVE these water dabs. Be that as it may, in case you’re not emphatically excited, let us know and get a quick, no problem discount. If it’s not too much trouble Note: Vase is excluded.

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Our botanical water dabs are the ideal expansion to any home plan highlight or wedding focal point. This bundle accompanies more than 20,000 dots which, when hydrated, makes roughly 12 gallons of dots. The globules come in un-hydrated structure, and everything necessary is to absorb the dabs refined water for the time being, and the following day they are completely molded water gel balls that you can use in practically any application. Our globules can be utilized as wedding dabs, gel dots deodorizer tops off, focal point in water, focal point filler, water lights focus piece, or water for blossoms. Their utilizations truly are as innovative as your creative mind. Sooper Beads clear water dabs are of the highest caliber, and are ensured not to blast or break separated. In the event that this transpires, send us an email and we’ll be glad to give you a supplanting bundle without any problems and positively no expense to you.

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