What Love is Not

What happens when you face the reality and know for yourself that you don’t adore your neighbor or your child? On the off chance that you cherished your child, you would teach him altogether in an unexpected way; you would instruct him not to fit into this spoiled society, however to act naturally adequate, to be clever, to know about all the impacts around him in which he is gotten, covered, and which never permit him to be free. On the off chance that you adored your child, who is additionally your neighbor, there would be no wars since you would need to secure him, not your property, your negligible little conviction, your financial balance, your revolting nation or your tight belief system Love status. So you don’t adore, and that is true.

The Bible, the Gita or the Koran may instruct you to cherish your neighbor, however the truth of the matter is that you don’t adore. Presently, when you face that reality, what occurs? What happens when you know that you are not adoring, and monitoring that reality, don’t offer clarifications or give causes regarding why you don’t cherish? It is exceptionally clear. You are left with the bare truth that you don’t cherish, that you feel no sympathy. The derisive way you converse with others, the regard you show to your chief, the profound, respectful salute with which you welcome your master, your quest for power, your relationship with a nation, your looking for – this demonstrates you don’t cherish. In the event that you start from that point you can accomplish something. On the off chance that you are visually impaired and truly know it, on the off chance that you don’t envision you can see, what occurs? You move gradually, you contact, you feel; another affectability appears. Additionally, when I realize that I have no adoration, and don’t profess to cherish, when I am mindful of the way that I have no empathy and don’t seek after the ideal, at that point with the looking of that reality there comes an alternate quality; and it is this quality that spares the world, not composed religion or a smart belief system. It is the point at which the heart is vacant that the things of the psyche fill it; and the things of the brain are the clarifications of that void, the words that portray its causes.

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